EVENT: Performance – Children’s Theater
Tickets: $10 per person, ticket sales at the door or by calling 513-554-1014.
August 20, 2015 – Thursday evening, 6 (Sand Cast) and 8pm (Sea Cast)
August 21, 2015 – Friday evening, 6 (Sea Cast) and 8pm (Sand Cast)
August 22, 2015 – Saturday afternoon, 2:00pm (Sea Cast) and 5:00pm (Sand Cast)
August 23, 2015 – Sunday afternoon, 2:00pm (Sand Cast) and 5:00pm (Sea Cast)

Additional Information

Although school may be out for the summer the Sharonville Cultural Arts Center has been busy with classes for children – musical theater classes in the loft and rehearsals on stage of Little Mermaid Jr. At the end of the summer younger students will present a complete production of the musical in the Sharonville Cultural Arts Theater. “Little Mermaid seems to attract all age levels and we were looking for something that would be popular with this age group,” said Tina Lukondi, owner of Performing Arts, Inc. “My whole thing is that I want to bring theater and dance to children at an affordable price. More children are becoming involved in summer projects, including musical theater.”

Sharonville Cultural Arts Center is proud of the continuing relationship we have with Performing Arts, Inc., owner Tina Lukondi. “My teachers and I want to share our passion, our joy of live theater and dance and the Sharonville loft and theater are wonderful spaces for us and for the children,” said Lukondi. Sharonville Cultural Arts Center had been the classroom and performance space for kid favorites Annie, Kids, Willy Wonka, Jr., The Aristocrats, Kids, Sound of Music, and more.

Classes are focused on performance with 3-4 class series a year, each resulting in a staged production. Lukondi has more than 20 years of experience teaching dance and musical theater to children throughout the Cincinnati area, helping them develop their unique skills and building their confidence on stage.

“My whole concept was and is to bring theater and dance to children of all ages at an affordable price,” said Lukondi. Class prices and costume expenses are kept reasonable for families, especially those with more than one interested Groups are organized by age: 4-9; 10-13; and 14-18. Some production may involve students from a variety of ages. The public is invited to performances at Sharonville Cultural Arts Center. The theater where the students perform has recently received technical upgrades in the stage area and artistic renovations in the lobby areas.

For more information about musical theater classes at the Sharonville Cultural Arts Center or to find out how you can help us keep performance theatre in Sharonville, visit http://www.sharonvilleculturalarts.org/ or http://performingartsinc.net