Save Our Seats

Save Our Seats Campaign

A need we can no longer sit on

Don’t let a bad seat eclipse a great event!  Our theatre last had a seating upgrade almost a decade ago.  To make matters worse, the seats obtained were second hand and had already seen their best days.  Now, after cushioning many thousands of patrons, the seats in our theatre are begging for a break!

We’re committed to giving the beautiful historic community theatre it’s much-deserved upgrade by purchasing newer, more comfortable seating, so that our more than 1000 monthly patrons can continue to enjoy family friendly events for many years. 

But, we need your help!

Worn out seats in SCAC theater
Your financial gift in any amount will help us achieve our goal of installing new seats in the Sharonville Cultural Arts Center before summer ends.  With your help, we can make our dream of upgraded seating a reality!

Please consider giving (DONATE) or send your donation to SCAC, 11165 Reading Road, Sharonville, OH  45241