In November the Westheimer Gallery at Sharonville Cultural Arts Center will welcome Megan Bickel, an artist well known to the SCAC community. Her solo exhibition of paintings and drawings is titled Just be Nice. “I’m definitely excited to have my work showing at a gallery where I feel connected. SCAC staff and community members put their heart and soul into this building; and I’m honored to be supported and recognized by that group. There is also excitement because it is brand new work. I feel that when you pour your heart into something for a year in a very solitary space, it’s beautiful and refreshing to experience it with others.”

Megan has been moderating our Wine, Art and Cheese Nights every third Wednesday night in the Westheimer Gallery. “This event is one of my favorites because we offer a familiar event in the wine and canvas sort of industry, but we incorporate master studies (works created by well-known artists). I think this makes us really stand out, and the gallery setting really brings the class full circle,” said Megan. “SCAC is also a satellite location for Community Education at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, and I teach a few classes here.”

A graduate of the Art Academy of Cincinnati with a BFA in Painting and Art History, Megan is a Community Education professor with the Art Academy of Cincinnati. She has been in numerous regional solo and group exhibitions and her work will be included in the upcoming group exhibition, Modes of Abstraction, at University of Cincinnati Blue Ash. She predominately paints using bold colors in contradictory ways in order to describe the frenzy, the calm, the joyous, and the contemplative contributions of memory. She often works in series, as she feels they are more conducive to memory and its collective nature.

“I look at a lot of contemporary landscape painters, such as Claire Sherman, as well as impressionists; but predominately my readings and investigations into ideas within neuropsychology stir me to make work,” said Megan. “My end goal is to always discuss specific ideas in an intimate way, and for me, that intimacy comes from color and texture. My intention in Just be Nice is to visually demonstrate the emotions brought up in social situations by those whom have social anxiety.”

This exhibit opens November 6, 2015 from 6:00 – 9:00pm. The public is welcome to join us at the Westheimer Gallery of the Sharonville Cultural Arts Center, 11165 Reading Road, Sharonville, OH 45241.

For complete information, visit or call (513) 554-1014.