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Performing Arts Audition Information

Here are a few things to help you know how our audition process works.

Sign Up! Check the website for the program you are auditioning for to see if you should sign up for an audition slot before hand using SignUpGenius.  We always accept walk-ins, but if SignUpGenius is being used, it makes things run a lot smoother (and keeps you from waiting too long) if you sign up ahead of time.

Paperwork! Arrive a few minutes before your audition time to fill out the required paper work. You will receive, via email, the registration form.  This will arrive no later than 24 hours before the audition day.

Fees!  In most cases the participation fee is divided into two parts – a non-refundable audition fee due at the time of the audition, and the balance of the participation fee due at script pick up.

Sing!  When you enter the audition area, you will come in with your completed audition form, your audition fee, and your number that is your place in line to audition.  The first thing we will ask you to do is to sing a small sample of a song.  You may choose any song to sing, but it is VERY helpful if you can sing a song from the musical you are auditioning for, or something in a similar style.

Act!  The next thing we have you do is read from the script.   Remember. during this part, we aren’t here to see your reading abilities – if you stumble over the words that’s no big deal, but make sure you speak distinctly and with expression.  Most of our auditions are cold readings (meaning you are looking at the script portion for the very first time).  We do, however,  sometimes post audition scenes on the website so you can practice ahead of time. If your child is too young to read, or is not yet a strong reader – we will give them the option to just repeat after us.

Wait!  This is probably the hardest part of the entire audition process.  All casting assignments are handed out individually at script pick up.  At this time you will receive your script.

Practice!  We will email a dropbox link to the music files so you can practice the songs at home.  Please listen to all the songs and look over your script prior to the first rehearsal.

*Most of the time the scripts are in for script pass out, but due to shipping and the quick turn around of our casting (we don’t want to keep you waiting) sometimes they aren’t in yet.  In that case, you will only receive your part, and  get your script the first rehearsal.