2019 /20  VR@SCAC Campaign

Make Virtual A Reality @SCAC!

This new campaign will bring our theater into the 21st century, making it greener, brighter, more colorful and more enjoyable for everyone on stage and in the audience.  We plan to upgrade and renovate our electrical and sound systems and add virtual scenery to our stage.

The working list includes:

Upgraded Wifi and Internet Server
new router hub and repeaters will improve speed from 7-10 MBPS to 190-200 MBPS

Virtually Scenery for Theater Stage
Our stage is 15’ x 30’ with no fly space and only 1 wing, 2 short throw projectors, software and a dedicated notebook computer will allow us to make virtual set changes and enhance productions for actors and audience alike!

LED Lighting Upgrade for Theater
Our stage is currently lit by 11 instruments 5 par cans (on stage) and 6 Ellipsoids (in the rear of the Audience).  These are used, incandescent fixtures that where purchased when the building first reopened. The theater has 4 working
dimmer packs. A theater this size would normally have about 12 of each old style fixture and 8 to 10 dimmer packs.
Lighting Control Console
10 LED Par Cans
10 LED Ellipsoidal

Total Technology Upgrades for 2019/2020         $32,729.00

Last year from donations, grants and gifts we raised $40,000. for new seats in the theater and a new floor
for the lobby and theater.  We also completed the Artist Alley pass thru from the Westheimer Gallery to the Theater Lobby.  We have a lot of excitement brewing over this new project and cant wait to get under way!

Please consider giving, to help us reach our goal!

Come Be A Part Of What We Are Creating!